A federal judge denied the stay on a ruling that rejected the legality of Florida online sports betting. Federal Judge Dabney Friedrich ruled that the deal violated federal law Monday. As a result, the Seminole Tribe requested a stay as they appealed the ruling.

Friedrich said that granting a stay while the Seminole Tribe appeals the ruling is an extraordinary remedy. Also, the tribe failed to present legal tests to justify the stay. She added that the tribe was unable to show that the ruling would cause irreparable harm. As a result, bookie software deals were put on hold.

The tribe got control of sports wagering as a feature of an arrangement, known as a smaller, that Seminole Tribe and Governor Ron DeSantis signed in the spring. Also, the Legislature approved the compact in May. The US Department of the Interior, which regulates Indian betting issues, supported the agreement in August.

Florida Online Sports Betting

Software Deals on Hold as Florida Online Sports Betting Deemed Illegal

Proprietors of Magic City Casino and Bonita Springs Poker Room, two long-term pari-mutuel companies, filed a claim against US Division of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and her office. According to pay per head reviews, they claimed that the sports wagering plan abused a government law known as the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. That law, generally known as IGRA, makes a structure for betting action on ancestral terrains.

Friedrich’s Monday ruling focused on players having the option to put down sports wagers online from across the state, with the bets going through servers on tribal property. But, according to a political forum, Friedrich found the move against government law since wagers would be set off tribal property.

The tribe immediately filed an appeal at the Court of Appeals and requested a stay on Friedrich’s decision. Also, the tribe began offering on the web sports wagering this month and highlighted the “public interest” in looking for a stay.

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